About Luminesk

We create bright and colorful bags, for bright and colorful people.

Our Story

We love handbags! 

We love the personality and style a good handbag can bring to an outfit, and how the right handbag can help to get you all the right looks 🙂

Whether you want to look sophisticated, fun or just ready for whatever a day may throw at you, there is the perfect handbag style to match your outfit, your mood and your moment.

It was this idea that lead us towards what would become our color changing handbags aka the Luminesk Handbag.

Luminesk began in early 2017 in sunny Australia, with an intention to create colorful handbags, for colorful people. We wanted to bring to market a handbag that would bring novelty and function to a girls most beloved fashion wardrobe item – ‘the handbag’.

To achieve this goal we decided to combine 2 design aesthetics we saw trending at the time – geometric art styles and the resurgence of all things brightly colored and holographic.

Now 3 years later and still going strong, we are happy to see that our brand of color-changing handbags continues to bring joy and wonder to our loyal customers.

Our Mission

Our goal at Luminesk is to provide you with a collection of statement handbags that stand out from the crowd as much as you do.

To put it simply – we want to give you a handbag that ‘gets you all the compliments!.’

We hope to accomplish our goal by providing handbag styles that will always surprise and delight you. We can’t wait to show you the new bags we have cooking up in the kitchen – you are going to love them!

Our commitment to creating a handbag brand you are proud to carry with you, is the reason we keep doing what we do, so thank you for all the support you have given us thus far. We wholeheartedly appreciate it.

As we look toward the future, it is our hope we can continue to inject more color changing joy into your wardrobe, one Luminesk bag at a time.

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Keep smiling, Keep shining.

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