Cancellation Policy


Before placing an order, please read below for the cancellation policy:

  1. Change of mind – In order to deliver your product to you as quickly as possible, we aim to process your order immediately. Therefore, we do not accept cancellations related to a change of mind, or uncertainty regarding any of our policies (which we have specified on our website), etc.
  2. Shortage of stock – If the item you purchased is shortage or no longer available, you can choose to cancel and receive a refund.
  3. Duplicated order – sometimes you may receive a duplicated order due to a double click on processing the payment or a problem with the connection. We would cancel the duplicated order for you as per your request.
  4. Product variation – once you have purchased, if we have discovered we do not have the specified product variation you want for your order, you can either select an alternate variation or cancel your order.
  5. Place another new order to replace original order - We may not be able to modify everything on your order including payment details, so if you would like to cancel the original order to place another order with another payment method which include your payment information, we will only cancel your original order after you placed a new order.
  6. Any testing or fraud order will be banned from our website and automatically cancelled.
  7. If we cannot contact you and confirm your identification within 5 working days after you placed the order, your order will automatically be cancelled.

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