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Medium Handbags

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Handbag

    $78.99USD $68.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Bucket Bag

    $118.99USD $71.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Cyrus Star Handbag

    $78.99USD $68.99USD
  • Sale! Luminesk Vida Handbag

    Luminesk Vida Handbag

    $78.99USD $58.99USD

Wallets & Cases

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Wallet

    $53.99USD $39.99USD
  • Luminesk Mira Star Makeup Case

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Laptop Case

    $59.99USD $45.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Selene Star Wallet

    $53.99USD $35.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Vida Wallet

    $53.99USD $35.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Selene Vida Wallet

    $53.99USD $35.99USD

Small Bags

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Chain Purse

    $62.99USD $51.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Fanny Pack

    $53.99USD $49.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Box Bag

    $98.99USD $49.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Wristlet

    $91.99USD $39.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Clutch

    $104.99USD $39.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Lyra Star Fanny Bag

    $55.99USD $39.99USD
  • Sale! Luminesk Vida Box Bag

    Luminesk Vida Box Bag

    $71.99USD $39.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Lyra Shoulder Strap

    $14.99USD $12.99USD
  • Sale! Luminesk Vida Chain Purse

    Luminesk Vida Chain Purse

    $62.99USD $39.99USD


  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Backpack

    $78.99USD $48.99USD
  • Luminesk Aquila Star Mini Backpack

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Lyra Star Mini Backpack

    $79.99USD $69.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Lyra Vida Mini Backpack

    $79.99USD $63.99USD

Large Handbags

  • Sale!

    Luminesk Star Messenger Bag

    $93.99USD $73.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Polaris Star Tote Bag

    $89.99USD $69.99USD
  • Sale!

    Luminesk Polaris Vida Tote Bag

    $89.99USD $69.99USD

Welcome to Luminesk

Home of the original color changing handbags

Luminesk began in early 2017
in sunny Australia
, with the intention to create colourful handbags, for colourful people.

We wanted to bring to market a handbag that would bring novelty and function to a girls most beloved fashion wardrobe item – ‘the handbag’.

Now 3 years later and still going strong, we are happy to see that our brand of color-changing handbags continues to bring joy and wonder to our loyal customers.

This year our focus is on bringing even more new styles to our existing lineup of Luminesk bags, while re-releasing and re-invigorating some old in-demand classics.

We invite you to join us, it's going to be one hell of a fun filled and colourful ride!

Team Luminesk 🙂

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