How The Luminesk Bags Change Color

See a first person and 3rd person view of our luminesk bag changing color.

Video Demo


This video demonstrates how the color-changing / reflection effect works on our Luminesk bags.

There are two clips in this video, on the left you can see how the bag changes color from the viewers perspective, and on the right you can see how the bag changes color from the wearers perspective.

As you can see from both videos, everyone will see different colors on the bag when they look at it from their view.

Although this is not an in depth demonstration of how the color changing effect works, we recommend for you to go out and experiment with your bag to see it change color for yourself.

Finally, it’s worth re-iterating that the way you see the colors on your bag, will likely be quite different to how someone else sees your bag.

Steps on How Your Luminesk Bag Works

 Light up your life, with your new Luminesk Bag. Here’s how.

1. During a cloudy day, or where there isn’t any direct sunlight reflecting off the surface of your bag. It will appear dark purple, or neutral with little to no variation in color.

2. In natural daylight, you will see your Luminesk Bag reflect the light, changing from hues of purple, pink, green and yellow. The more intense the sunlight, the brighter the reflection.

3. In direct sunlight, or with a smartphone flash you will experience the full Luminesk effect. Your bag will reflect a vibrant hue of intense color.

The Viewers Perspective

Now to be clear, you do not need the sun behind you in order to see the color changing effect, but it is worth pointing out the position of the sun in this example so you can begin to understand how the position of the light, and the position of the viewer or yourself, relative to the light can effect how someone else or yourself can see different colors on your bag.

In this demonstration the viewers perspective seems to show more color on the bag than the wearers perspective. The reason for this is because the viewer is looking at the bag from an angle where the sun is behind them.

The Wearers Perspective

The wearer of the bag (most likely you!) is looking at the bag with the sun positioned in front of them.

You can see the position of the sun in the ‘your perspective ‘ video (the video on the right) at the 28 second mark.

Hopefully this video clearly demonstrates the spectacular Luminesk color changing phenomenon on your bags.

Now enjoy your bag and reflecting color and wonder everywhere you go.

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