Interview with Heron Waters

Here at Luminesk we are all about living a vibrant and colorful life and it’s our mission to help you spread and express your love for color. We absolutely love hearing from our Luminesk tribe and how you express your unique and authentic self through color in your personal life.

Today we have a chat with one of our ambassadors, Heron Waters, aka @botwinbabe who shares with us how she lives a life of color and uses Luminesk to live her authentic colorful self.

How Do You Live the Colorful Life and Stand Out From The Crowd?

I do everything I can to incorporate color into every facet of my life. I constantly change my hair color, and wear rainbow clothes.

I’m very obsessed with holographic and color changing things simply because they bring additional color to my life.

I’ve always formatted my Instagram profile to be one big rainbow as well. People know me for being colorful and playful with my style.

Any time I leave the house with a Luminesk bag, I get a ton of compliments. They manage up my rainbow factor to a new level. 

What is a Favorite Quote You Live Life By?

“Make the sidewalk your catwalk and work it with pride” – Poppy

I’ve always had a love for outrageous or unconventional things. But I’m a relatively shy person, and it took me a long time to feel confident in public.

Now I truly make the sidewalk my catwalk. When you act more confident, people definitely treat you like you’re more confident.

I think it’s a matter of faking it til you make it, but once you make it, you can become comfortable in all kinds of situations.

I like to push past my comfort level until I don’t care what other people think when they look at me. If I feel fabulous, that’s all that matters. It’s all about how you view things. 

What is Your Favourite Luminesk bag and Why?

I think my favorite is the Star Bucket Bag, because the way it folds when you cinch the drawstring causes the light to hit different segments in different ways, making a lot of different colors visible at once.

It’s also very spacious and opens really wide, so everything inside is visible and accessible.

But the Messenger Bag looks amazing as well, just because of the size of it. I can imagine that having everything you could need in a Luminesk bag would be really cool. 

Follow Heron Waters for Colorful Inspiration

If you love color and live a colorful life like Heron Waters, make sure to follow her on her instagram for daily colorful inspiration below.


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